Deltacraft Islander - Mark 3  
The boat

Deltacraft owners
To all the wonderful boating folk who have collectively covered several million kilometres in Deltacraft Islanders in Australian waters during the last 30 years, we say well done and 'Happy Boating' always.

Prospective owners
To those of you looking for the first time, we invite you to browse through the website, ask for a brochure and a test run, for the Islander is very special, as you will discover.

The 2011 version
This model incorporates the best of ideas of very many owners, our Naval Architect, and our own experience in building over 675 Islanders.

She is spacious, comfortable and quiet, frugal in the extreme (1.5 litres per hour) cruising. easy to operate, reliable, trailable like a caravan, strong (all built to Government standards), and a good sea boat with long life built in.

The new hull shape is longer, faster, stiffer in its motion and more sea kindly than ever before with a Maritime Authority Approved carrying capacity of 900kg. It has passed incline testing.

Towing a Trailable Deltacraft Islander is easy, it makes a wonderful caravan and you can experience pristine rivers, secluded waterways, deserted islands and places off the beaten track.