Commercial Deltacraft Islander - Mark 3 

Under construction Commercial Survey Standard -
Most boats in Australia have to be redesigned to pass the strict levels set by Governments. The Deltacraft however is able to be used Commercially due to practically all Islanders produced, being designed and built to this very high level.

Private Owners -
It is possible for private owners to have a vessel in commercial survey which can be run as a business when you are not using it and recoup your purchase price. Many Marinas will talk to you regarding this, Some have had as many as 8 Islanders on hire at one time. We can provide free advice.

Configurations -
For this reason the Islander is built for Hire in the half cabin, sleep 5 and day use for 8 configuration,
see the Deltacraft Islander Genesis and may be inboard Diesel or Outboard motor powered.

Party Boat -
A Party boat has also been developed and is approved for up to 8 passengers in day use.
Here are some photos taken on the day that the Party Boat was launched.

Fleet Discount -
A Fleet Discount is offered to Commercial users on all hire boats and an owner finishing program specifically catering for marinas and boatsheds who have time during winter to get the boats ready for the coming season, thus saving a big outlay.