What is a Full Displacement Boat  

Basically there are three types of boat shapes

  1. Planing
  2. Semiplaning
  3. Displacement

1. To Plane is to be on top of the water traveling fast. Boats like this must be light and heavily powered to stay "on the plane", e.g. speedboat.

2. Semiplaning : partly in the water and on top at the same time, "trying to climb out of the hole" so to speak. Some of these shapes are less prone to waves and tend to cut through like a Naval Destroyer rather than go over. Heavy power needed and light boats.

3. Full displacement : As in a yacht shape, easily driven with little power needed, not infallible but a well proven sea boat, said to be "Sea Kindly", in Displacement mode ballast is added to lower the Center of gravity and to lessen motion, (as in a ship, trawler or yacht) consequently the center of gravity is generally lower than in any other shape. Couple this with good "form" stability (refer to the builders) and you have a boat that is pretty close to the optimum.

This then is the Deltacraft Islander, with more than full headroom in the cabin, able to carry huge loads, able to move through the water almost effortlessly using very little fuel, at the same time being a good sea boat.

We respect the ocean just like you do and all safety precautions must be taken regardless of the boat you use.