The engine is a Volvo Penta.
Careful consideration has been given in perfectly matching the new Islander with the perfect engine to suit, and the results are below.

The VOLVO Diesel Engines used in the Deltacraft Islanders - Mark 3 are either the
Model D1. 20hp 3 cylinder as used in the Islander Genesis or the
Model D1. 30hp 3 cylinder as used in the Deltacraft Platinum.

  • The D1 employs the powerful 115amp alternator with built in charging sensor.
  • Are very low emission and low noise for comfort and for enviromental reasons.
  • Smart accurate and flexable Instrumentation.
  • Proven reliability from robust design.
  • VOLVO backup , service and spares Australia wide, in fact World wide.

To travel underway we use a Technologically advanced fuel efficient and reliable diesel Volvo engine. A stainless steel solid shaft driven to a researched and developed efficient manganese bronze propeller.

This results in a fuel efficiency almost unheard of before, where 2000kg of boat, including 10 people can cruise at hull speed using, approximatly, only 1.5 litres of fuel per hour, this is truly a Green Boat, which is very kind to our environment indeed.

Volvo engine Volvo engine
The engine is enclosed with a double wall sound-proofing method of a engine box plus a sound proof cover.

Brochure cover
Contact us and we will mail you a copy of our colourful brochure of the new Deltacraft Islander 7 metre.

Engine controls
Helm station - Gear lever, instruments, radio and circuit breakers all within easy reach.

The bilge pump system consists of a "RULE" electric pump piped to the sea and a float switch.

The pump may be operated manually from a switch on the circuit breaker board located on the dash, or left on "Auto" so that it automatically pumps used shower and bilge water into the sea.

A "Grey" water tank is an option for enclosed waterways such as the Murray River.

There are 5 through hull skin fittings consist of :-