The Voyage of the Gypsy II 
The Adventures of Gordon

Letters to the Editor - AFLOAT Magazine - January 2011

No more caravans

To all the Grey Nomads (present and future) there is an alternative to motor homes and caravans. It's called a boat. A boat such as my trailable/water ballasted Deltacraft Islander.

It has similar amenities to land-based vehicles, is economical (1lt diesel per hr), and manageable by one or two people. While on land it is used as a caravan, on water it is a floating home.

Presently I am part way on my Oz journey which began at the beautiful Gippsland Lakes. Seven weeks of exploring from Sale to Lakes Entrance and the many bays, beaches and rivers in between.

The Gippsland Port Authority provide ample jetties, floating pontoons and moorings (all 48hour limit) such that the anchor stayed in the locker the whole time.

Now on the Hawkesbury, I find you definitely need a dinghy. Sometimes you may feel the need to use shore-based facilities like laundry, longer showers and dining out. Peter and his dockhand Kris at RMYC were extremely helpful in this. I leave the tow vehicle and trailer at a caravan park, (storage is cheaper than site fees) like Malaluka at Spencer, Greg very helpful.

This country has some of the finest lakes, estuaries and river systems in the world. They are nice to look at but believe me nothing beats being out there living the dream not dreaming of the life.

It's affordable (anchoring is free) and living on the water is cheaper than living on land. Buy a boat and enjoy life afloat.

Gordon Cox,
Gypsea II

In late 2010 Gordon called at the new Deltacraft factory
to inspect progress on the new Deltacraft.

Gordon's boat
He was traveling around Australia using his Trailable version Deltacraft Islander as his home, whilst exploring our amazing waterways, rivers, ports, resorts and reefs.

So far the Gippsland lakes stand out as superb.   Here are some of his photos of the lakes.
220.jpg 221.jpg 223.jpg
Holland Landing
223.jpg 223.jpg 223.jpg
Nicholson Jetty
Grassy Point Marina
Paynesville Boat Ramp
Moored beside the big boats at Metung
Lakes Entrance
The Gipsland Lakes exit to Bass Strait
At Barrier Landing - inside the cabin.
223.jpg Gordon

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