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The History:- of the original Deltacraft Islander built between 1978 and 1988 can been found at the Deltacraft Islander Club web site. It includes interesting items by owners plus some tests of the original boat.

The Official Launch Day - 3 December 2011
To all the wonderful boating folk who attended the official launch day at Bayview we say thank you so very very much. It was a happy sight to see all the expectations satisfied.

Its very gratifying to see people enjoying the boat we created, John Gale and I perhaps enjoyed that aspect more than any other. We have tried to build a boat for all seasons and one which will last for many years and be used constantly.

The official demonstration

Water Tests, 18-19 August 2012

We offered on the water test of the Deltacraft at the Sydney Boat Show, 18 and 19 August were the test days.

The Islander proved her seaworthiness over and over in very difficult big westerlies and choppy conditions during the weekend. When roofs were being blown off there we were doing boat tests !!

Always sure-footed we ran before the foaming sea and docked again and again with ease. Many thanks to those who braved the weather including Warren and Lyn, Paul, Ed, Rob, Mark, Gary and others.

I hope you enjoyed the experience in the Deltacraft and come back again so that we can build you a new Islander, you will be involved in many aspects of it and it is a great experience, not many of us boatbuilders left!

We would love to show you how its done.

Yours in Boating, Captain Steve.

Trailerboat Fisherman published this report in July 2012

Large image Grey Nomads wanting to go around Australia now have a very different kind of 'caravan' to enjoy their grand trip.

After forking out heaps of dollars on big horsepower plus fuel bills some boaties are saying "enough!" They're not exactly protesting outside parliament but they're not happy with the high-speed approach to boating and looking for something different.

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June 2012, AFLOAT magazine published this article
Trail a boat In June 2012 AFLOAT monthly magazine published an article, written by Graeme Andrews, covering the history of Deltacraft.

The headline is "The Deltacraft Recognition Manual"

Way back in the early 1970s various Middle Eastern gentlemen decided that the rest of the world should be paying a lot more for the products of their Arabian oil wells. Within a year or two, petrol pump prices went from around 30c per litre to 45c or even 50c.

Afloat, those citizens with floating 'gas guzzlers' spent more time in the club bar. The price of used clinker putt-putts began to rise at about the same rate as the decline in the price of large motor yachts.

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May 2012, Trailer Boat magazine - Deltacraft Islander - Mark 3
Trail a boat In May 2012 Trailer Boat monthly magazine published a test of the Deltacraft Islander Genesis model.

With headlines "Deltacraft Islander 700 trailer version"
You could say it's a concept whose time has truly arrived! The Deltacraft Islander 700 delivers a genuine live-aboard, lock-up cabin cruiser you really can trail home.

A key feature of this design is the water ballast system in lieu of solid ballast. This clever feature means the ballast of some 360kg is automatically dumped as the boat comes onto the trailer.

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Trade a Boat magazine - Deltacraft Islander - Mark 3, April 2012
Heading In April 2012 Trade a Boat monthly magazine published a Boat Test of the Deltacraft Islander Genesis model.

It commences :-
With a bloodline going back to the '70s, Deltacraft has been reborn with a bigger version of its evergreen cruiser. We sent JOHN FORD on a leisurely trip upriver to savour life in the slow lane. In its heyday, more than 700 Deltacraft were built, so it likely you have seen one putt-putting by or swinging moorings all around the country. Last time I was in Mallacoota I counted six.

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An article published in AFLOAT magazine December 2011 issue
Product & industry review - Deltacraft Islander

It's been a long time coming but this naval architecture masterpiece, the all new Deltacraft Islander will have its official launch on Saturday 3 December at Bayview launching ramp at l0am.

These Iconic Deltacraft Islander boats have been around in various models for over 30 years and its continued success is due to the unique combination of good sea keeping, comfort and spacious accommodation together with the ability to motor a fully loaded Islander (with 10 people on board) at cruising speed using only 1 to 1.5 litres of diesel fuel per hour. Range is around 800kms so all the coastal river systems and the Barrier reef can be explored.

Sleeping five and utilizing the hot shower and spacious galley, it's possible to live aboard for lengthy periods in comfort. Fully tested and approved for commercial use by NSW Maritime.

An article published in the June 2011 issue of Tradeaboat magazine.

Testing Deltacraft returns

The Deltacraft Islander is back.

The popular family cruiser graced Australian waterways for a decade from the late '70s to the late '80s, and now the Brookvale (NSW) builder has revamped the boat, recently launching the Deltacraft Islander 7m.

The new model bears some family resemblance to the original, but we're told it's a much improved craft with "wonderful usable accommodation and greatly improved stability".

Deltacraft said it has retained the boat's basic concept of economical operation and a reliable and gentle approach to boating. "It made overnight cruising more affordable to many boaties so it was a market success," said the company.

The Islander is available in the base Genesis model with with 20hp Volvo Penta diesel, and the upmarket Platinum variant with 30hp Volvo Penta. The builder explained the new hull shape can run at full speed using a miserly one to 1.51t of diesel hour with a full load of 10 people (or 900 kilos).

The Deltacraft Islander is passed by NSW Maritime Board in survey for commercial use, too.

Check out the www.deltacraft.com.au website for the Adventures of Gordon. The company says Gordon spent seven weeks on the Gippsland Lakes on a trailable Deltacraft, cruised for a total of 48 hours and used 401t of diesel, plus with no fees to pay he said his boat beats a caravan park. Gordon continued to see Australia living in the boat on the trailer in between cruising excursions.

Deltacraft added its new Islander has a comfortable cruising range of 800km.

An article published in Trailerboat Fisherman May 2011 issue

Launch day Deltacraft returns

It was a 30-year wait, but December saw the launch of Deltacraft's latest model `pocket' displacement cruiser. This is a brand new model that is a much improved version of the first Deltacraft Islander built between the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Nearly 700 of those little launches were built and the new model offers an improved, larger version called the Islander Genesis.

Steve Leonard who built the original Deltacraft has teamed up with partner, John Gale to produce the new fibreglass craft. It too is built in Sydney and will be sold factory-direct like the original Deltacraft. The new boat measures 7m overall and operates very economically with a 20hp Volvo Penta diesel.

Leonard says he was encouraged to re-invent the Deltacraft because the public was concerned about fuel costs and the environment. The new Deltacraft retains a traditional appearance but with modern touches like a stern landing deck and walk-through transom. It comes with a comfortable cabin with galley, dinette, double berth and enclosed toilet/shower compartment.

A Test Report published in the January 2011 issue of
Trailerboat Fisherman magazine

Testing The pace may be slow but the Deltacraft Islander is lifting the pulse rate of many boaties who want a very comfortable cruiser

The boat that typifies the trend is the 6.2m Deltacraft Islander. Or should we say the 'new' Deltacraft Islander because it's really a re-make of an older design that dates back to the late 1970s and earlier concerns about a fuel crisis.

There is an open or 'party boat' version alongside a half cabin cruiser to give buyers a broad range of choice.

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An article published in AFLOAT magazine August 2007

The Deltacraft Islander was very much a product of its turbulent times. During the 1970s the Arabs who controlled most of the world's oil flexed their collective muscles, fuel prices leapt and supplies dwindled. Big high-speed cruisers spent a lot of time swinging on moorings depreciating savagely and a new type of boat was born - or rather an old type revived.

Small 'putt-putt' work boats had been around for well over 100 years. The new style of 1970's putt-putt, of which the Deltacraft Islander is a classic example, was more refined and comfortable than the old - yet carried on the tradition of being solid, sensible, spacious and, it has to be said, slow.

Slow wasn't necessarily bad, many boaties found. Not only did they slash fuel bills by around 90 per cent, they discovered the pleasure of wandering quietly along waterways enjoying the scenery.
The Deltacraft Islander can be traced back to a timber boat designed by Ken Beashel for his dad around 1972 or '73. It was penned as a motor sailor and only a couple were built. One is thought to be a compact houseboat on the Hawkesbury River to this day.

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