Party Boat 

Part boat

The Deltacraft Party Boat has been officially surveyed by the NSW Maritime Board and has approval for 10 passengers, it has been :-

  • Construction approved,
  • GRP approved,
  • Inclined and found to have only 5.25 degrees of list out of the permitted 14 degrees with all on board. This was certified by the Maritime Boards own Naval Architect observed by the Naval Architect whom we employ.

It has the optional power of:-

  • Diesel
  • Outboard 4 stroke
  • Full electric with solar panels

This vessel is unlike any other available in this country and breaks new ground in versatility, comfort, seakeeping ability, equipment, carrying capacity and earning capacity for the hire boat operator and is far ahead of the pontoon boats sold as hire boats.

Deltacraft Your view Deltacraft

Your view The Party boat is so much easier to manoeuvre than Pontoon boats which means less accidents, less repairs, less downtime and the cost of running due to the efficient hull shape is also less. Cleaning is so easy with hosing out the self draining fully moulded cockpit, which generally is all that is needed to keep it clean, turnaround time is minimal.

Operators have proven that it is quite possible to earn back the value of the Islander in the first twelve months of hire. Please work it out for yourself and contact us for confirmation of prices and discounts for fleet orders.(may be spaced over time for building and delivery but discounts remain.)

The Party boat has available the full length canopy (a real brightly colored party boat style ) and equipped with stainless steel rails and roof supports, a built in BBQ, and a toilet are optional extras.