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Our Party Boat
            The First weekend - January 2011
  • Tests on the day :-
  • GPS readings showed that the boat travelled at 7.1 genuine knots, this is 20% faster than the original Deltacraft Islander.
  • The hull is much more stable than the original Deltacraft Islander.
  • Towing weight was measured at 5 knots and recorded 25kilos. An easily driven hull. This particular test was made with the view of perhaps later having an electric powered model. More at   The Electric Boat Association of Australia  

This Party Boat is fully approved by NSW GOV MARITIME and is approved in 4E (Drive yourself) and 2E (coxswain driven with paying passengers) categories. Fully approved structure, GRP, unsinkable foam buoyancy and stability tested, approved for 10 passengers at 90kg each, approved to carry 900 kg's.

  • The photos feature many views including
  • Steering station
  • Profile in the water
  • Ice box
  • The front table
  • Outboard motor, 25hp 4 stroke Yamaha hi thrust 2.5 to one ratio gearbox
  • Baitcutting board with rod holder
  • Overhead speakers
  • The ease of access to the anchor well and mooring bollard
  • The walk-through access to the rear deck.
  • Adequate grab-rails.
  • Petrol tank stowage.

Click on a photo to see an enlargement.

RIMG0013.jpg RIMG0014.jpg RIMG0016.jpg RIMG0017.jpg RIMG0018.jpg RIMG0019.jpg RIMG0020.jpg
RIMG0021.jpg RIMG0023.jpg RIMG0024.jpg RIMG0027.jpg RIMG0028.jpg RIMG0029.jpg RIMG0030.jpg
RIMG0031.jpg RIMG0032.jpg RIMG0033.jpg RIMG0034.jpg RIMG0035.jpg RIMG0036.jpg RIMG0037.jpg
RIMG0038.jpg RIMG0039.jpg RIMG0040.jpg RIMG0042.jpg RIMG0044.jpg RIMG0045.jpg RIMG0046.jpg
RIMG0047.jpg RIMG0048.jpg RIMG0050.jpg RIMG0051.jpg RIMG0053.jpg RIMG0054.jpg RIMG0055.jpg
RIMG0057.jpg RIMG0058.jpg RIMG0059.jpg RIMG0060.jpg RIMG0003.jpg RIMG0005.jpg RIMG0006.jpg
RIMG0009.jpg RIMG0010.jpg RIMG0011.jpg RIMG0012.jpg speed.jpg


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