Platinum model 

The layout for the "Platinum" remains the same as the 'Genesis' with the main differences being the :-

  • engine size increased to 30 hp.
  • the fuel tank being the ultra range tank of 80 litres
  • fresh water capacity increased to 80 litres
  • the standard of fit-out being totally revised
  • include the 12volt Engle Fridge freezer
  • a two way marine radio
  • CD stereo radio system
  • 240 volt inverter
  • three large batteries, two of which are deep cycle
  • Cabin curtains, cockpit curtains (side and rear)
  • Extended hard top
  • Various trim modifications

The platinum version is available in trailable version enabling live aboard in the water or on the trailer.

The above model is a Trailable Platinum with the water ballast feature. It sits exactly on the same waterline as the moored version which has fixed ballast.

The below image depicts the Platinum model bowsprit with the winch and huge bow-roller to facilitate the anchor being raised without the need to step outside.